Sweet, juicy flavors sugarcoat harmful health effects.

Vape juice can have seriously harmful chemicals.

When you vape, nicotine is waiting to attack.

You vs. the nicotine in vape: who’s in control?

Tasty flavors can’t hide the danger.

Addiction can lock you in for life.

Vaping starts you down the path to addiction.

Who really controls what’s in vape?

Vape can attack your organs.

What’s really in vape?

Vaping seems fun until the nicotine addiction hits.

Sweet flavors can’t hide the danger.

What’s really inside?

Fruity flavors can hide a rotten habit.

Vaping can restrict your future.

Fruity flavors can’t hide the danger.

Vaping can decrease your chances of a healthy life.

When you’re addicted, your brain wants nicotine – no matter where it comes from.

Vaping can turn into a harmful habit.

Fun flavors try to hide the danger of nicotine.